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I have only recently discovered a really wonderful artist, Sarah Kiser, who lives in Florida, USA. Sarah is a FaceBook friend of mine and is going to be illustrating an upcoming recipe book for me! On her website and FaceBook page, Sarah has many beautiful pieces of artwork including, Ella Mermaid below:

Ella Mermaid

For my vegan and animal rights friends, Sarah has a whole lot of lovely animal prints and canvases including. Plus some great Art as Activism pieces that Sarah encourages others to share:





as well as another version with the symbols only:


Sarah has a section called For the Animals on her website, with more artwork and videos like this:

Sarah has been vegetarian since she was 8 years old and went vegan several years ago after learning about the dairy and egg industries.

For more on Sarah and her wonderful artwork, check out Sarah's:


FaceBook page



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