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Nicole (who I met in Portland, OR - blog coming soon!) asked me to write a lil' blurb about a vegan product I like for Vegan MOFO (Month of Food) where Nicole was profiling vegan people she likes with the products they like on her blog Vegan Things I Like. I chose Pure Gaisha's mineral liquid eyeliner.


Here's the article:

Leigh-Chantelle likes Pure Gaisha Mineral Liquid Eyeliner

Leigh-Chantelle is another vegan lady who does it all! We met in Portland at the Vida Vegan Conference where she was a presenter and the hostess of the Saturday night Galarama (which I did not get to attend because I was preparing to serve sandwiches to a late-night crowd of hungry Portlanders and visiting bloggers)! At any rate, I found Leigh-Chantelle to be pretty darn charming. When she's not in Portland hanging out with bloggers, she lives in Brisbane, Australia and runs the online vegan community Viva la Vegan! which is filled with articles, recipes, videos, a blog, and more!
The Vegan Thing She Likes is Pure Gaisha Mineral Liquid Eyeliner.

I am obsessed with makeup and I love the Mineral Liquid Eyeliner from Adelaide-based Pure Gaisha. I have quite a few of their wonderful colours that Shane McCann makes. Pure Gaisha is mineral makeup, cruelty free and vegan. I have a few photos of myself wearing the eyeliners.

At a friends’ wedding in Oct 2010 I made some pink accessories to compliment my Fushia eyeliner (above left).
At one of the Princesses and Pirates fundraisers (2009) for my Green Earth Festival I wore the Aqua eyeliner when I was a princess (above center).
At the Green Earth Festival March 2010 that I organised and promoted, I wore the Green eyeliner (above right).

Mineral Liquid Eyeliner- AU$28.00 each

Bronze - Shimmery bronze 
Cloud - Steel silvery grey
Cocoa - Rich chocolate
Flower - Hot fuchsia pink
Forest - Dark emerald
Gothic - Jet black
Iris - Bright irridescent deep violet
Plum - Rich deep violet
Snow - Pure brilliant white with just a touch of shimmer
Summer - Fresh bright stunning aqua. A perfect new season look
Willow - A beautiful lavender shade

I also have Makeup Videos on my YouTube channelMermaid Makeup Video5 Minute Vegan MakeupAll about Vegan Makeup. I also have an article on my Viva la Vegan! website on makeup. I recently spoke at the Vida Vegan Con - where I met Nicole - on the Vegan Fashion panel and the video for this will be on my YouTube channel soon.

If you're lucky, maybe you'll run into Leigh-Chantelle on one of her US tours eating at your local vegan hotspot. Until then, keep yourself entertained and informed on her great website and YouTube channel!

Thanks, Nicole!


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