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This year is the start of filming some new vegan food tutorials! I've had a break from filming these for a few years as I've been travelling a lot, and needed someone reliable to help me out. Cue the lovely Cameron, who you may also know as Cam On Fruit from his vegan food, gardening and biking videos. Here's a sneak peak:


What am I making?

The videos will be uploaded on my YouTube channel soon. See all the previous Food Videos and the Raw ones too.

LC_smoothiePhoto by Cam Tonks

Hope you like the new apron! My good friend, Irene from Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia organised someone to make it for me; and my Mum sewed on all the flowers and lace.

A couple of weeks ago, Cam and I started filming in my friend Genavive's kitchen. Here's the two of us:


There's many more videos in the works. Stay tuned!

Here's me with my film and editor extraordinaire - also known as Cam:


See Cam On Fruit for more of his videos!

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