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(photo of the Koch & Charles family Christmas dinner 2010 above)

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Christmas is that time of year when some people remember that:

  • they're religious
  • they haven't paid their credit cards from last Christmas, but that doesn't mattter because they also remember...
  • that everyone will be at the local shopping centre, so they must be too
  • they can't stand their family/friends/the world's population
  • for some reason this time of year is an excuse for gluttony in all it's forms
  • they love animals, somewhere after they've gorged on just about every creature they can
  • even though they're religious, love animals and such "thou shall not kill" just does not apply to anything they like to eat

I try not to be despondent at this time of year. But years of previously working in music retail, seeing people who can't afford to pay their credit off from last year, filling trolleys with more stuff that they do not need really gets to me. It gets to me that people force themselves to see people they can't stand, buy rubbish they don't need, eat food they don't need etc etc just because they're told they're meant to either from some deity or shopping/marketing deity. I realise that people celebrate Christmas, often begrudgingly, especially us vegans who know that even more of our animal friends are killed to fill already-indulged bellies at this time of year.

So, here's a collection of some Cruelty Free & Vegan Christmas ideas, recipes (raw and gluten free options) and tips to get through the silly season. I wish us all the luck in the world!


Snacks & Starters

Binah Balls

Chick Pea patties

Curry Puffs

Raw Pasta

Raw Sushi Rolls

Sweet Potato and Pumpkin chips

Tempeh & Vegetable Kebabs

Vegetables with Corn chips and Guacamole

Main Meals

Colourful Curry

Fried Quinoa

Fried Wild Rice


Quinoa Chilli stir fry

Tempeh Satay with Asian greens

Tofu Turkey

Wild Rice and Meditteranean Vegetables

Sides & Salads

Chinese Greens with Eggplant

Dirty Rice

Kale Salad

Pumpkin and Asparagus Tofu

Roasted Root Vegetables

Stir Fry with Linseeds

Stuffed Avocado

Sweet Potato and Mixed Bean salad


Carob & Date Truffles

Carrot & Currant Muffins

Cherry Shortbread

Chocolate Pie with Seasonal Fruit

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Raw Banana Ice Cream

Raw Chocolate with Raw Cashew Cream


I suggest you choose 4-6 dishes from each section depending on how many people you are having for your Christmas meal/s.

PURCHASE My Cruelty Free Christmas Recipes eBook HERE for AU$25


Snacks & Starters

Binah Balls:


Download RECIPE

Chick Pea patties:


Curry Puffs:


Download RECIPE

Raw Pasta:


Download RECIPE and see my how-to video

Raw Sushi Rolls:


Download RECIPE and see my how-to video

Sweet Potato and Pumpkin chips:


Tempeh & Vegetable Kebabs:


Download RECIPE

Vegetables with Corn chips and Guacamole:


Other ideas: Dips with Crackers, Soup and Bread; Spreads, Pate, Cream Cheese with raw vegetables

Main Meals

Colourful Curry:


Download RECIPE

Fried Quinoa:


Download RECIPE

Fried Wild Rice:


Download RECIPE



Download RECIPE - there's a RAW Lasagne recipe too

Quinoa Chilli stir fry:


Download RECIPE

Tempeh Satay with Asian greens:


Download RECIPE

Here's a photo Noah took of me in October at the Vegan Easy Challenge launch in Melbourne. I'm pictured with Patty Mark's Tofu Turkey:


Patty makes this each year and has been following Karen Davis' (from United Poultry Concerns) recipe from her book Instead of Chicken, Instead of Turkey for years. Here's the Recipe and How-to video. Patty's tip is to marinate the tofu before packing it into the colander.

Wild Rice and Meditteranean Vegetables:


Download RECIPE

Other ideas: Savoury Pumpkin Pie, Nut or Bean Roast or Loaf

Sides & Salads

Chinese Greens with Eggplant:


Download RECIPE

Dirty Rice:


Kale Salad:


Pumpkin and Asparagus Tofu:


Download RECIPE

Roasted Root Vegetables:


Download RECIPE

Stir Fry with Linseeds:


Download RECIPE

Stuffed Avocado:


Sweet Potato and Mixed Bean salad:


Other ideas: Potato salad, basic garden salad, Jelly, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Dressings


Carob & Date Truffles:


Carrot & Currant Muffins:


Cherry Shortbread:


Download RECIPE - also a Walnut Shortbread RECIPE

Chocolate Pie with Seasonal Fruit:


Ice Cream Sandwiches:


Download RECIPE and read my Ice Cream Party blog!

Pumpkin Pie made by Techa from Christmas 2010 with a ice cream mix I made (dried fruit and nuts mixed with a 1L tub of Soy Good vanilla ice cream):


Raw Banana Ice Cream:


Download RECIPE and see my how-to video

Raw Chocolate with Raw Cashew Cream:


Cream RECIPE and see my how-to video



Other ideas: Christmas Pudding, Fruit Mince pies or cake, Chia Pudding, Trifle, Fruit Salads like the ones below:

IMG_3862  IMG_3882

All of the above VLV! Recipes and more: HERE.

See also: Janenne's Christmas Food Ideas from 2010 

Vegan Easy Christmas Recipes

Festive Feast from Animals Australia

Recipes from the Vegan Society UK

Animal Friendly Festive Guide from SAFE

Free Vegan Holiday Recipe Collection

Easy Raw Christmas Treats from ROAR Food

I hope you have a wonderful festive season whatever plans you have with the people who are important to you.

Here's my A Christmas Wishlist poem in video form:

‘Tis the season to be aware
of your actions, words and deeds.
My wish for you this Xmas
is that you get exactly what you need.

Replace old traditions with new ideals,
Replace what you’ve accepted with the truth.
Replace excessive spending with empathy,
Replace knick-knacks with things you can use.

Replace intolerance with justice,
Replace war with intelligence.
Replace uncertainty with understanding,
Replace religion with reverence.

Replace all that you want with what you deserve,
Replace consumerism with content.
Replace presents with hugs-a-plenty,
Replace gluttony with nourishment.

‘Tis the season to be thankful
for the lessons good and bad we’ve received.
May your Xmas be full of laughter and joy,
Safe, happy and cruelty-free!
Leigh-Chantelle 07/12/2002

PURCHASE My Cruelty Free Christmas Recipes eBook HERE for AU$25

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