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Animal Liberation Victoria have just put their Be Vegan brochure online for download. This is one of my favourite outreach tools that I always have on hand:

Be Yourself Be Vegan

NOTE August 2013: this link will take you to the NEW booklet for 2013

I always have a box of these in my car to leave at restaurants, health food stores etc. When my not-for-profit environmental awareness Green Earth Group organise our Leaftletting & Outreach events, we use the Be Vegan brochure and my other favourite Eating Up The World (which is environmentally-focused with Australian facts and figures) to spread the vegan message to the mainstream.

Vegan & Green  Prejudices

The Be Vegan brochure covers all aspects of veganism: Animals (including Fish), the Environment, Health, plus Food with some great recipes. Myself and Viva la Vegan! are proud sponsors of the amazing Vegan Easy Challenge (that I have blogged about previously HERE & HERE in 2011 & HERE in 2010) & Animal Liberation Victoria. To order a box or two of the brochures, please contact ALV, or simply DOWNLOAD the PDF.

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