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A couple of weeks ago I was part of a Mock Meats panel discussion at the Gold Coast, where I'm currently house sitting.

Joining me on the night for this Vegan Business Network event were Billy Simmonds, James Aspey and Crissi Carvalho. 

Mock Meat Panel

The Blurb:

2016 is ramping up to be the year that Mock Meats took the world by storm. The vegan community is full of mixed views on this topic. To discuss the implications of this "mock meat takeover" including such questions as "Is it okay to be eating food that pretends to be the very same meat we are telling everyone to stop eating?" and "Are mock meats the healthier option?" 

The guys weren't sure how we could talk about mock meats for an hour, but we did! There was great audience questions and participation too. The girls were against, the boys were for, but James changed his mind a bit...

Here's the Video:

My specific views on the Positives: 07:05 (I would also add Outreach) & the Negatives: 35:30

The environmental impact links are in the video description. I'll write an article about my thoughts one day soon.

Photos from the night:
(Click on the images to link to the Instagram posts with descriptions)

Billy LC by Di

LC Crissi Elle

James Crissi LC Billy

James taking photo of panel

LC Billy

Elle Billy LC

LC Anton

George Leigh Chantelle

Also see Billy, Crissi & James' accounts for more photos.






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