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BrisVeganFest is taking place THIS Sunday 4 September in Brisbane, Australia. This is a NEW event, not the expensive one from last year, or the event that tried to get funding. It will be a great day and I'm involved with a heap of things.

Here's the list of:

There's also a list of Recommended Documentaries and a heap of vegan recipes to check out - including some of mine!

Marketing w LC at BVF

At 12 midday, I'll be giving a talk on Marketing Yourself and Veganism Online in the speakers hall. I've also just started playing around with some graphics, so I hope you like the ones I've created!

At 12:30pm, I'll be hosting the Health and Wellness Panel with Amanda Benham, Holly Moffitt and Sarah Farley:

Nutriton Wellbeing Panel by LC

Then at 1:10pm, I'll be doing a Q&A with Alejandro Cancino from Fenn Foods & Urbane Restaurant:

Alejandro QA by LC

After that at 1:30pm, I'll be hosting the Vegan Fitness Panel with Billy Simmonds, Crissi Carvalho and Regan Smith:

Vegan Fitness Panel by LC

It's going to be a great and busy day - but it will be a lot of fun.

Please spread the word and I hope to see you there!


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