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There's another vegetarian restaurant in Brisbane's Southside that recently opened: Su Life located at Palmdale Shopping Centre: 2120 Logan Road, Upper Mount Gravatt. Su Life is another Asian-style restaurant that started as Hu Fo that was open in Sunnybank until February 2011. Ange and I went there to check it out last Thursday plus had a great time exploring Palmdale. We both chose an entree/starter and a main meal each and shared them.

We started with Ange's choice, the Golden Pancakes AU$5:


NOTE: As of 11 March 2012 after dinner here again last night, I enquired about the white sauce used in the meal above. The staff member said it was from soy milk and condensed milk (!!) I explained that this was not vegan. Make sure you ask for no white sauce if you order the above entree/starter.

And the Fried Xin-Bao Chunk AU$7.90:


We had a great chat to one of the staff/owners and she suggested a few options for us to try. Ange and I both chose to eat meals from the Chef's Specials section which are all AU$14.90. Eggplant in Oyster Sauce was my choice and this was divine!


Great Asian greens, I'm thinking Gai Lan and eggplant - very similar to the Magic Wok eggplant dish that they used to serve as part of their weekend buffets (RIP Magic Wok) Ange chose the Vege Fish in Hot, Spicy, Sour sauce:


which I wasn't taken with at all. They also have Bendon boxes (which I think maybe a typo for Bento boxes), Soups, Set Meals, Rice & Noodle dishes, stir fried vegetable dishes, a range of tofu dishes and mini hot-pot meals. There seems to be only one non-vegan dish which has egg in it. The rest, all vegan!

Here's the menu:


IMG_4014 IMG_4015

Then Ange and I did some exploring of Palmdale Shopping Centre where I haven't been for probably ten years! First we went to the African shop, then headed to Astro Pete's Cafe & Telescopes where Ange bought some Strawberries that had been vacuum-sealed for astronauts to consume when in space. We had a look at all the telescopes and found out that every Saturday night from 7pm you can attend a workshop and then look at the stars and planets through the huge telescope out the front! It's free and fun for all of the family - especially for kids and big kids like Ange and I. Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all visible at the moment so I'll be heading here sometime very soon.

There was a martial arts store that we checked out and spoke to the lady who runs the store about all things martial arts and how I once wanted to be a kickboxer - mostly due to my best friend from high school, Trent and I watching all the Jean-Claude Van Damme and Sylvester Stallone movies when we were younger! Then we headed to Games Workshop where we learned so much about gaming and game series such as War Hammer & Lord of the Rings from the extremely personable staff member, Adam. We had a great tour of the store and the products, watched some battles taking place and saw some games being created. Did you know that you buy a game but you have to create all the sets, characters etc for the game? Pretty impressive stuff. Ange and I immersed ourselves in this alternate world for over an hour and plan to return as I'm sure I need a new hobby ;)

Then Ange and I drove to pick up her husband Steve who joined us for afternoon tea at Sweet Dessert Shop located in Sunnybank at 10 Market Square Shopping Complex - on the corner of at Mains Rd & McCullough St in Sunnybank. This is a shop that sells a lot of hot and cold desserts and drinks and is priced well. Ange ordered the Sago with mixed fruit in coconut milk AU$5:


Steve and I ordered the black glutinous rice with coconut milk AU$4.20:


Ange and I always have great adventures whether it's to the tip, op-shopping or eating at all the vegan places we can - today was no exception!

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