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I was inspired to be creative and create some art that could be used for marketing the vegan message when I heard about the PaperGirl Brisbane great idea of free art to random people delivered by bicycle. Here's how it works:

  1. Collect artwork and writing.
  2. Exhibit all the submitted pieces of work.
  3. Deliver all the work to random people via bicycle.


Here's the blurb from the PaperGirl Brisbane website:

Papergirl Brisbane is a cultural initiative which works to bridge the gap between the wider public of Brisbane, and the local artists and writers who live here. In the style of American paperboys, art and writing is collected from the local creative community, exhibited in a gallery, rolled up, and then distributed by bicycle to the random passers-by in Brisbane’s CBD.

chickens  sheep

This event is run by For Us By Us in Brisbane, has taken place previously in Berlin & Portland (amongst other places) and the best part of this idea is the fact that everything that is submitted is actually distributed! You can submit however many items you want and your pieces may be reproduced to spread your work randomly to more people! Artworks accepted include drawings, photographs, text, pictures, stickers, posters - basically anything creative that can be rolled and distributed by bicycle.


So I decided to use this opportunity to get the vegan message out to the mainstream by using some of my animal photos and getting creative! If you have your own photos, poetry or other pieces of art that you'd love for random people to have in their hands, the deadline is Saturday 4 February. It looks to me that anyone, anywhere can submit anything they like if you can post your items, so get to it!

turkeys seagulls

There's a Gallery Exhibition Opening where you can see all of the submitted artworks on display and then stay around to help roll the artworks up! This event takes place on Friday 3 February from 6pm at White Canvas Gallery, 26 Church St, Fortitude Valley.

The next day, Saturday 4 February is when the Bike Artwork Distribuition takes place. Meeting at 12:00pm for a 12:30 Ride. Meet at White Canvas Gallery, heading through the Valley, City and ending in West End.


My process was the following:

  • Choose 12 of my animal photos
  • I added a watermark with the Downsize programme (Mac)
  • I added two photos per A4 page - 4 horizontal and 8 vertical - and colour printed them
  • Cut each one out and stuck onto part of the Weekend Shopper guide from The Courier-Mail
  • Wrote up some facts for each animal
  • Wrote out either Love Us by Not Eating Us, Love Us by Not Harming Us, or Love Us by Always Adopting Us, depending on the animal
  • Stuck each fact and Love Us... text onto the photo
  • Wrote on stickers and stuck that onto the back of each piece
  • I also scanned each piece to use online

black_swan  cows

My photos are from animal sanctuaries A Poultry Place and Edgar's Mission, friend's animal friends and other animals I've met on my adventures.

goats  horses

REMEMBER to get your creative pieces in - the deadline is Saturday 4 February! More information on Submitting Pieces HERE


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