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On Tuesday I held my first high-tea party with some of my gal pals. Not only this, it was an Indian high-tea party that local Brisbane children's Bollywood entertainer, Roushini created, cooked and served for us. Here's what we had (with photos from Carol Slater Photography)


Roushini and her daughter, Corinna came over a few hours before the guests to cook and get all the meals prepared. We started off with entrees/starters consisting of mini Tandoori kebabs, nutty chura mix and spicy pakoras:


Followed by South Indian semolina/coconut delights and mini chapatis with mixed spiced toppings:


For dessert we had cup cake kheer (rice pudding), Puri halwa topping and Indian donuts (bottom tier):


Here's some fennel:


All the photos are by Carol Slater Photography. Thanks Roushini, Carol and gals. From left to right: LC, Jodi, Corinna, Gwen, Renata & Roushini:


Roushini travels around Australia entertaining & cooking for events, groups and families. For more information on Roushini's Indian high-tea parties see HERE

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