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Yesterday my friend Carol and I finally got around to meeting some goats and taking photos of them:


The goats are pretty close to where we live and we'd both been driving past thinking to ourselves that we need to get into the grounds to get some photos. Early this week I saw that there were now baby goats, oh my! So we definitely had to go sooner rather than later. Today was the day!


It was a beautiful day in Brisbane as you can see from the sky in the photo above. We don't know the people who own the property or who are caring for the goats. Carol thinks that they may be milking the goats, but their babies were drinking their milk, so I'm not sure about that. Upon looking up some info on goats, it maybe the case that they are being raised as "fibre" goats - for wool, cashmere and other fibres. They could also be raised for their flesh. As with all other animals, we don't need to use or abuse them for us to live a healthy, productive life.


So, if these photos are not cute enough for you, wait until you see the babies:


They are simply adorable.


One of the cutest things that may or may not cause me to not pay attention on the road when driving past is when they run (like lambs), scamper and frollick!




For some more cuteness overload, here's the video footage I took today:

See more information on Goats from the Vegan Society UK

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