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Saturday was the first of the Green Earth Group Bake Sales at West End markets, Brisbane as part of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale that took place this year from 21 - 29 April. There are many different groups taking part from all corners of the globe. Food, in particular sweet foods, are a great way to show the mainstream that vegans have many choices to chose from to eat as well as some vegan outreach and education at the same time. Inspired by Jeremy's zine workshop from last weekend, I decided to create an 8-page zine from one piece of A4 paper - instead of my usual handout. Here's the cover:


The zine opens like a lil' magazine with some Baking without Eggs info from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's The Joy of Vegan Baking book:


Some other cruelty-free baking alternatives:


With some recipes from Renata & myself. See more of my Dessert recipes.


The back page has websites to check out for more info:


How to Make an 8-page zine

So, how exactly does one make a zine this amazing? I hear you ask. Well, you may want to start by checking out my previous blog for the handout about Ideas & Tips for Zines as well as What a Zine is and some Websites. I have obviously decided on a Baking Tips zine with some subtle vegan info throughout. This is what becomes the 8-page zine:


Which will be folded and cut to make the zine. You can also choose to print in the "hidden area" of the zine, which I did with the following info on hosting your own Bake Sale and more of my Dessert Recipes:


Click on the above two images to download or see the FaceBook album. Please feel free to download, print and distribute.

Here's the how-to info for how to make the zine once you've compiled all your info together:


How-to Video:

Oh, and here's a photo of the Brisbane Bake Sale on Saturday:


Photo by Techa Charles. More HERE.

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