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Following on from the success of my Papergirl art instillations and the original Love Us by not Eating Us - Art as Activism blog; plus the t-shirts and the immense positive feedback, I have some more of my photos with various animal friends, with lil' animal facts.  All photos are from animal sanctuaries, friend's animal friends and other animals I've met on my adventures.

This is Lily the pig from Our Place on Earth:


Feel free to click on each image - which will take you to the VLV FaceBook album - where you can download the images, print off and distribute for a bit of vegan outreach.

Dog friend, Jenko from my photos of the last days at Coorabell for the Our Place on Earth animals, before they headed to Cariad


This is Shiraz my friend from LA, Holly's cat friend who just loves to lay about in my laptop case - actually most of my friend's cat friends do!


 I met other animals on my US adventures including squirrels!


Here's a couple of cuties from Edgar's Mission:



Plus some kids:



And more goats, because I can.




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