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To coincide with relaunch of, here's the condensed version of the What do Vegans eat? seminar that I gave

as part of the ongoing vegan education talks in Brisbane for Vegan Existence (V.EX)

My What do Vegans eat? Video:

So the idea was to make the seminar entertaining and not too serious.  So I asked my good friend, Adele Walker to take some photos of me in my new dress (that I had just found at the bottom of my ironing pile, where did it come from?  I do not know...) and got to work on going through all my food photos to find some to go with the seminar.  I was thinking a kitchy, scrapbook-style PowerPoint seminar with photos of my food, Adele's photos of me and my lettering.  It took a couple of weeks from my end to write the seminar, cut every photo, design, paste, scan etc.  I then gave 36 scanned pages to Adele to work her magic which she converted to JPEGs for the seminar.


Adele designed the poster above and we had a great turnout on the day!  I do hope you like my What do Vegans eat? Video!


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