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2012 marked the beginning of the Viva la Vegan! interviews with Vegan Athletes, Fitness Fanatics and Exercise Enthusiasts worldwide.

As of the end of May 2015, all of the 130+ interviews have been published online here - below in alphabetical order.


Also see the photo albums on FaceBook, Google+, and Pinterest. The book editing process is now well underway!

Click on each photo or description to read the interviews.

Dr_Akilah_ElDr Akilah El: Natural Vegan Bodybuilder

Alan_DumondAlan Dumond: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Alan_MurrayAlan Murray: Raw Vegan Ultra Endurance Athlete

Alina_ZavatskyAlina Zavatsky: Vegan Marathon Runner

Alison_AndrewsAlison Andrews: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Amanda_Meggison_-_Torquay_RunAmanda Meggison: Vegan Marathon Runner

Amber_Zuckswert_tiltAmber Zuckswert: Vegan Professional Dancer

Amulya_MerrettAmulya Merrett: Vegan Belly Dancer

Andrea_BermanAndrea Berman: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Andrew_JohnsonAndrew Johnson: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Andrew_KnightAndrew Knight: Vegan Extreme Sportsman

Anne-Marie_CampbellAnne-Marie Campbell: Vegan Black Belt

Anthony_MannAnthony Mann: Vegan Bodybuilder & Trainer

Anthony_Zacchino_runningAnthony Zacchino: Vegan Ironman

Katsuyama_Atsuyuki_2Atsuyuki Katsuyama - Vegan Marathon Runner

Austin_BarbischAustin Barbisch: Vegan Trainer & Bodybuilder

Belinda_Jansen_10kBelinda Jansen: Vegan Runner

Ben_GreeneBen Greene: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Betsy_BaileyBetsy Bailey: Vegan Volleyballer

Bianca_PerryBianca Perry: Vegan Marathon Runner

Bill_NortonBill Norton: Vegan Fitness Instructor

Billy_Simmonds_BWBilly Simmonds: Vegan Body Builder

Brendan_BaileyBrendan Bailey: Vegan Cyclist

Brett_BlanknerBrett Blankner: Vegan Ultra-endurance Athlete

Brian_Evans_AntarticaBrian Evans: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Bridget_Flynn_comp_modeBridget Flynn: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Cam_F_Awesome_Cam F Awesome: Vegan Boxer

Caroline_Hale_Caroline Hale: vegan powerlifter

Catherine_DivingianCatherine Divinigan – Vegan Personal Trainer

Channa_SerenityChanna Serenity: WBFF Pro Bikini Athlete

Che_RobinsonChe Robinson: Vegan Marathon Runner

Cheryl_Coelho_Jamestown_runCheryl Pannone: Vegan Marathon Runner

Christine_HoChristine Ho: Vegan Gymnast & Fitness Junkie

Christine_Vardaros_Lievin_World_Cup_2012_by_Brecht_ToelenChristine Vardaros: professional vegan cyclist

Christy_Morgan_kb_swingChristy Morgan: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Claire_Desroches_press_upClaire Desroches: Vegan Kickboxer & Trainer

Cristiano_PereiraCristiano Pereira: Ultra Endurance Cyclist

Cyrus-PushupCyrus Khambatta: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Daniel_MaxwellDaniel Maxwell: Vegan off-road motorcyclist

_Dani_RaimetDani Raimet: Vegan Triathlete and AFL player

DavidRaphaelHildebrand-2David Raphael (D.R.) Hildebrand: Vegan Masters Swimmer

Deearnah_De_Marco_oceanDeearnah De Marco: Vegan Yoga Teacher

Derek_TresizeDerek Tresize: Competitive Vegan Bodybuilder

Drew_McCall_BurkeDrew McCall Burke: Vegan Fitness Trainer

Ed_BauerEd Bauer: Champion Vegan Bodybuilder

Elaine_BrentElaine Brent: Vegan Long Distance Triathlete

Ella_MagersElla Magers: Vegan Fitness Trainer

Ellen_Jaffe_JonesEllen Jaffe Jones: Marathon runner & Trainer

Emilie_TanEmilie Tan: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Emily_SegalEmily Segal: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Eric_StormsEric Storms: Vegan Runner & Cyclist

Erin_Fergus_by_Donovan_JenkinsErin Fergus: Vegan Personal Trainer

Esther_OakleyEsther Oakley: Vegan Lifestyle Coach

Fawn_Porter_-_TouchFawn Porter: Vegan Personal Trainer

Fiona_OakesFiona Oakes: Vegan Marathon Runner

Franz_PreihsFranz Preihs: Vegan Ultra Endurance Cyclist

Georges_LaraqueGeorges Laraque: Vegan Retired Ice Hockey Player

Glenn_MartinGlenn Martin: Exercise Enthusiast   

Glynn_OwensGlynn Owens: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Gretchen_TsengGretchen Tseng: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

HarleyHarley Johnson: Raw Vegan Organic Athlete

Heather_Nicholds_Heather Nicholds: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Helen_FinesHelen Fines: Vegan Mountain Runner

Holly_NollHolly Noll: Vegan Fitness Fanatic & Go-Karter

Jack_LindquistJack Lindquist: Vegan Road & Track Cyclist

Jaclyn_GoughJaclyn Gough: Vegan NPC Figure Athlete

Jaie_NelsonJaie Nelson: Vegan Parkour Practitioner

James_AspeyJames Aspey: Vegan Personal Trainer

James_PorteousJames Porteous: Vegan Endurance Athlete

Janette_Murray-WakelinJanette Murray-Wakelin: Raw Vegan Ultra Endurance Athlete

J._Anthony_RiedelsheimerJ. Anthony Riedelsheimer: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Jared_PalermoJared Palermo: Vegan Sports Enthusiast

Jeff_GolfmanJeff Golfman: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Jennifer_MooreJennifer Moore: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Jeremy_MooreJeremy Moore: Shot Putter, Cyclist & Skater

Jessica_RobertsJessica Roberts: Vegan Personal Trainer

Jimi_Sitko_mrhuntsville71Jimi Sitko: Vegan Bodybuilder

JoMcVJo McKinley: Vegan Dancer & Instructor

Karina_InksterKarina Inkster: Vegan Personal Trainer

Kate_Strong_on_bike_BWKate Strong: Vegan Triathlete

Kathryn_LorussoKathryn Lorusso: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

KimatniKimatni D Rawlins: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Kyle_KKyle Kendall: Vegan Personal Trainer

Lani_MuelrathLani Muelrath: Vegan Fitness Trainer

Leilani_MunterLeilani Munter: Vegan Race Car Driver

Luke_Tan_weightsLuke Tan: Vegan Strength & Conditioning Coach

LydiaGrossovLydia Grossov: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Mark_Hofman_SSCSMark Hofmann: Vegan Ultra Marathon Runner

Mary_CorniereMary Corniere: Vegan Rock Climber

Mary_Stella_StabinskyMary Stella Stabinsky: Vegan Triathlete

Matt_FrazierMatt Fraizer: Vegan Ultra Marathon Runner

Matt_LettenMatt Letten: Vegan Personal Trainer

Matt_RuscignoMatt Ruscigno: Vegan Endurance Cyclist

Mauro_ReisMauro Reis: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Megan_DMeagan Duhamel: Canadian Vegan Figure Skater

Michael_Griesmeier      Michael Griesmeier: German extreme sportsman

Michael_PerryMichael Perry: Vegan Triathlete

Mike_MahlerMike Mahler: Vegan Strength Trainer

Mike_PortmanMike Portman: Vegan Triathlete

Mindy_ColletteMindy Collette: Vegan Fitness Model

Mirko_BuchwaldMirko Buchwald: Vegan Goju-Ryu Karate champ

Molly_CameronMolly Cameron: Vegan Cyclocross Racer

Nasim_AhdamNasim Na: Vegan Bodybuilder

Nate_GuggiaNate Guggia: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Nick_PendergrastNick Pendergrast: Vegan Ice Hockey player

Noel_Polanco_Noel Polanco: vegan fitness athlete

Orvel_DouglasOrvel Douglas: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Pam_BotelerPam Boteler: Vegan Pioneering Canoeist

Pat_ReevesPat Reeves: Vegan Powerlifter

Phil_Letten_workoutPhil Letten: Vegan Fitness Coach

Ramona_Cadogan_-_personal_trainerRamona Cadogan: Vegan Personal Trainer

Raul_RamirezRaul Ramirez: Vegan Martial Artist

Regan_SmithRegan Smith: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Rob_BigwoodRob Bigwood: Professional Arm Wrestler

Rob_Dolecki__BMXRIDINGPHOTORob Dolecki: Vegan Freestyle BMX Rider

Rob_Tilling_and_mateRob Tilling: Vegan Cyclist

Rodolfo_PalmaRodolfo Palma: Vegan Swimmer & Triathlete

Ruth_HeidrichRuth Heidrich: Vegan Triathlete & Author

Sabina_SkalaSabina Skala: Vegan Strength & Conditioning Coach

Sam_HartmanSamuel Hartman: Vegan Athlete & Road Cyclist

Sandra_Lawson_liftSandra Lawson: Vegan Exercise Enthusiast

Scott_SpitzScott Spitz: Vegan Marathon Runner

Seba_skiingSeba Johnson: Vegan Olympic Ski Racer

Sebastian_GrubbSebastian Grubb: Vegan Dancer & Trainer

Simone_CollinsSimone Collins: Vegan Figure Competitor

Spencer_PumpellySpencer Pumpelly: Vegan Pro Racing Driver

Stephanie_BelliaStephanie Bellia: Vegan Personal Trainer

Steph_DavisSteph Davis: Vegan Professional Climber

Suzanna_McGee_Suzanna McGee: Vegan Tennis Player & Trainer

Tia_Blanco_surfingTia Blanco: Vegan Surfer

Tiffany_BurichTiffany Burich: Vegan Fitness Model & Trainer

Torre_WashingtonTorre Washington: Pro Vegan Body Builder

Tumeria_Langlois_Tumeria Langlois: Vegan Personal Trainer

Victor_Rivera_PTVictor Rivera: Vegan Personal Trainer

Weia_ReinboudWeia Reinboud: Vegan High Jump & Javelin 

 Yolanda_Presswood_poseYolanda Presswood: Vegan Fitness Trainer

Zac_Anstee_-_Challenge_MelbourneZac Anstee: Vegan Triathlete


Many more to come... Stay tuned by Subscribing via RSS

I'm still looking for people who have been dedicated 100% vegans for at least one year. If you know anyone who would be interested in contributing to the Vegan Athletes interviews, articles and the upcoming book, please get in touch.

NOTE: 100% vegan means (from a dietary perspective at least) that you do NOT consume any animal flesh including sea creatures, or any animal products including honey.



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