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High end, vegan fashion label UMASAN and Berlin-based, vegan band Notic Nastic joined forces at Berlin Fashion Week to promote inspiring change in others.

Sebastian_Gerhard_NOTIC_NASTIC_and_UMASAN SebastianGerhard_NOTIC_NASTIC_and_UMASAN

Notic Nastic & UMASAN want to inspire a better rebellion by showing the many amazing choices we can make in order to live with awareness and respect in the modern world. Here's the videof for UMASAN & Notic Nastic Movements 2012:

The song, Hypnokiss is available for free download

More about UMASAN:
UMASAN creates avant-garde ‘feel-good’ fashion with innovative vegan fabrics, and sophisticated Japanese cutting technique.

It is our PROMISE not to use any animal products, concentrate on humane/ecological production solutions and choose our fabrics through the eyes of sustainability and earth consciousness. This focus is deeply intertwined with our esthetic language that is focused on form and function staying close to the world of anatomy and kinesiology to create the UMASAN language. Not using animal products means that we are creating UMASAN products without the use of wool, cashmere, leather and fur.
Our collection is deeply inspired by Traditional Yoga philosophies. The first yama is AHIMSA: Ahimsa is the first of five yamas (yoga laws), or restraints, in the eight-fold path of yoga. The yamas are meant as guide lines - leading our actions and interactions with the world around us. Ahimsa is translated as “non-violence”, “non-injury”, or “non-harming”. Ahimsa is widely considered to be the foundation of the practitioner’s yogic path. UMASAN is creating calmness within the madness of the fashion world and it’s ever evolving market insecurities. No color explosions, fabric overload or unnecessary trend back and forth! Umasan is looking for balance and timelessness opposing industry standards. SLOWING DOWN!!! - UMASANS main standard and philosophy.
View their 2013 Collection.

Live Video from the Berlin Fashion Week runway:

More about Notic Nastic:
big apple pop with a gritty berlin pulse
the inspiration for notic nastic stems from an unrest with the music industry and a frustration with the sleepy minds of the masses.
notic nastic encourage people to know what they support. the band is involved with various sustainable fashion projects and they live a cruelty free, vegan lifestyle.
notic nastic are sensitive little techno aliens that prefer to remain anonymous, revealing their identity purely through the music.


How long have Notic Nastic been together?
Since 2009
What does Notic Nastic mean?
No sense - we just like the way it rolls off the tongue. It's a twister.
Tell us about the other members.
In the beginning, Notic Nastic was a completely anonymous group of musicians, producers, artists. We wore these light reflective masks on stage to obstruct out identities and it was all super mysterious. I guess you could say we were shy but the message we wish to get out there through the music really needs someone who the audience can identify in order to grasp what we're really trying to say.

Gillion is the face of Notic Nastic. There are core members who still prefer to remain anonymous and we often have guest performers. Our new stripped down acoustic set features a classical pianist and drummer - we're in flux.
What/Who are your influences?
We're driven by the need for information to be available to everyone and we hope to encourage empowerment and belief in your own decisions. John lennon, freedom of speech, equal rights, badass berlin and of course the dance. We want to produce music you can let yourself go to.
What does veganism mean to you?
It's a holistic thing and it is what we can do for this planet. It's of course about animals but also something much larger. It means to be aware of the corrupt farming industry, take a stance and reject those practices. It just makes so much sense to us to live this way.
Do you speak about being vegan in your songs? Why or why not?
We recorded a new song called Sweatshop and this title speaks for itself. We're about human rights as much as animal rights. Of course, we would never preach to anyone about what they should eat. There's enough force-feeding of false information without us forcing an agenda on people as well. We just want to be open and speak about the things we know when so many truths are hidden or twisted in order to brainwash the masses. People can make up their own minds, we just want to show them they have that power to do that and to go fullscreen.
What are your plans for 2013?
2012 was jam-packed with fashion collaborations and we love to do cool stuff like this and especially playing these really different acoustic sets but we really hope to concentrate on the big electronic live shows again and we're super excited about finishing up the new album.


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