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The E-Book 21st Century - The Age Of Protection by Bob Timmons will be officially launched on 8 June, World Ocean Day

This is a massive 90+ page book about the journey of Bob, from 6 years ago when he watched a documentary called Sharkwater and how it started him on his mission to paint the stories of the ocean with 50 art pieces inside.


Bob Timmons is the ‘Artist for the Ocean’ and through his powerful awareness - art exposes stories of worldwide marine animal decline and abuse, and critical issues of ocean health. He leads, organizes and documents street demonstrations, marches, and grass-roots protests, and through multi-media brings these events to a wider global audience. He is a fearless, vocal advocate for animals everywhere. Bob also combines the arts and sciences in his advocacy; as an environmental sciences graduate he integrates knowledge and passion in his writings, paintings, campaigns, and public outreach. Bob is a true ocean warrior.

Since as long as he can remember, Bob has been an artist - naturally creating art as a means to speak his stories. At a young age, Bob learned how to take control of his life, thanks to continuous pressure within the neighborhood - in an "eat or be eaten" environment. The skills he developed pushed him out of this negativity and into college. It was here where he found his way, earning a diploma in Environmental Sciences, something that perfectly complimented his passion for the ocean.


In 2007, Bob moved to Toronto, in order to find a clearer direction. He joined the Hangman Gallery, to learn how to push his art to the public. Toronto was where he participated in his first action for animals, this journey taking him on a path of enlightenment, research, learning, and of course, advocacy for the earth.
To paint the stories of the ocean is to research these very issues, and in turn, be affected by them. Bob began questioning his diet of fish, chicken, eggs and milk. He felt hypocritical - on one hand, painting the stories of suffering animals and then, without introspection, eating them.



Since 2008, after completing his second awareness painting on the killings of whales, he chose to become vegetarian. And, about six months later, he became a vegan, learning how to remove all animal products, clothing and entertainment from his life. "My art brought me to a vegan lifestyle," Bob acknowledges, giving due credit to his artwork for developing a more respectful relationship with all living things. "On a daily basis I learned more about the darkness, and what it took to bring in light via one's actions." And in these moments, he came to view activists as informed individuals fighting for positive change; in turn, helping others to make informed decisions and break away from the chains of ignorance.

Canadian_Seal_Fur_Looks_Better_On_This_Baby Save_Me

Changes came quickly as Bob started to dedicate his time to direct and positive action, beginning to lead marches, engage in public speaking, organize fundraisers and act as a media spokesperson.

Stealth_Ray Thriving_Jellies

Bob says about his book "I feel very deeply about the information that I have compiled regarding the ocean and the voice of the animals in each chapter of the book. I created this book to further share their voice from a visual voice I painted to allow more individuals to hear/view the ocean voice and make well informed choices in their lives. These choices can create a better life for the animals, their community, and the earth."

Our_Choices_Change_The_World Endangered_Species_Of_Climate_Change
Bob says:
I'm an advocate for improving the educational system to allow us as individuals to evolve with the changes that are occurring around the world. Today is the time for protection of what is still alive on this planet. The chapters speak about an animal and their background, then how this story was painted as a visual voice, finishing with the positive impacts that have happened the past 6 years that have impacted this species life.
The_Flying_Turtle Pro-Freedom

However, the loss of one animal in relation to an entire ecosystem represents a great loss, for both the species affected and all other life forms interacting with it. An ecosystem works as a result of the intrinsic relationship of several factors working in tandem with one another. If even one cog of this wheel is broken, everything is affected, both on a short and long term basis. Perhaps man’s role in this ecosystem needs to be redefined and refined, as often, we appear to be more like parasites, feeding off the life of others.

From slicing off a fin to shooting a large, metal harpoon into a whale; to clubbing babies and using sound to trap, cage and kill, much has been learned in this book about the pain and suffering we inflict on other animals. With sophisticated alternatives available with regards to nutrition, entertainment, social status, enhancement of culture and responsible growth, the real-life horror stories I’ve shared are entirely archaic and unnecessary.

Forgotten_Beauties_of_the_Sea Ocean_Education_Not_Tanks
Is it money, perceived convenience, laziness, ignorance or something else that encourages us to pursue the destructive directions that we do? If “knowledge is indeed power,” then education should prompt individuals to make better and more responsible choices. Evolution is a natural process and yet, our system of education has not evolved effectively; in that our population should be much, better informed how to live in harmony with other members of the planet.

Choices towards positive change start with one, informed individual. To make a choice to reject shark fin soup serves to a) be educated on the decimation of sharks as a result of these practices and b) educate others so that they will make similar choices. To make a choice to not buy a ticket to a dolphin show is to both choke the industry of its lucrative finances, in order that this cruelty not be perpetuated, as well as educate others on captivity as being inherently cruel, and something that needs to be immediately abolished. With a full array of information shared in our education systems, people can start making informed decisions and choices. While we cannot tell humans what to do, we can show them how to make better choices, thus shaping their actions in future.


Together, we can educate family, our friends, communities, cities, countries, global populations and ourselves. We can become a movement of positive change for the earth to protect the animals that inhabit the planet; the natural resources so finite in their numbers and the ecosystems fighting to maintain cohesiveness and proper functioning.



 The ocean is a critical source of life on our planet. If we make conscious choices, questioning where products come from, what ingredients comprise these products and how they were produced or harvested, we can create a new, revolutionary society, dedicated to fighting what we love and depend on most – LIFE.


Some Ocean Documentaries to watch:

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