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Brisbane’s popular environmental event, Green Earth Day (previously Green Earth Festival) once again made its green mark on Saturday 12 March at the new venue Albion Peace Centre.


2011 has been a hard year already for Brisbane residents, with disasters and the fallout impacting even green events. A lack of sponsors and large donations resulted in a last minute venue change for Green Earth Group, the organisation who organised the event, but this still did not deter the mass of festival attendees, estimated at around 1000 to 2000.

The wide-ranging festival comprised live acoustic performers, green cuisine, yoga demonstrations, raw food and baking demonstrations, plus many speakers including Lee Coates from Cruelty Free Super; Mr Universe 2009, Billy Simmonds, and Green Earth Group’s environmental scientist, Gerard Bisshop who delivered an inspiring talk on how we are eating up our planet.  The popular Kids zone was run by local children’s entertainer, Renata, with the video zone featuring the Green Earth Day short film winner A Vegan Life, by Carolyn Wagner plus a variety of stalls from many local companies and not for profit organisations.

Green Earth Day is organised by the not-for-profit environmental awareness group, Green Earth Group who began early 2009. Green Earth Group aim to provide education and encouragement to the community, showing others how to make simple changes to support the health and integrity of our environment and the world we leave for generations to come. Formed by Leigh-Chantelle Koch who also organises and promotes Green Earth Day, the Green Earth Group mission is to educate, involve and inspire as many people as possible to make the positive changes that our planet needs.

“It was hard to accept that we needed to change to a smaller venue this year, especially as the precedent was set so high at last year’s festival held at the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. But once the decision was made it was all about what can we do with what we have,” says Leigh-Chantelle. “I believe the lessons that we’re all meant to be learning this year are to remain adaptable, but still focused and committed to the tasks we’ve set for ourselves. No matter what happens and even if things do not go to plan, keep the momentum, continue the education and the small steps plus always surround yourself with positive people who are aiming for the same things as you.”

Leigh-Chantelle has decided that Green Earth Day will not be continuing in the immediate future, but she doesn’t discount the possibility that the event will take place sometime later. Leigh-Chantelle states, “For the time being Green Earth Group are working on our educational seminars and DVD, video viewings, information and how-to sessions, social get togethers and other fun green activities.”

Leigh-Chantelle hopes to see other interested parties becoming a part of the next phase for Green Earth Group. “Everyone in the community needs to get involved and be proactive with what they want to happen in the future for our cities, for our countries and for our world.”
The time is now, what’s stopping you?
Originally published as a Press Release here.
Originally published on the Green Earth Group website.
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