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Creepy Romance by vegan author Cosondra Sjostrom is a high quality one-of-a-kind Art Book with quotes by Cosondra and artwork from various artists.


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Cosondra answered a few questions for me early in the month:

What is Creepy Romance?
Creepy Romance is a collection of love quotes that are disturbing yet endearingly paired with original artwork from various artists. I wrote all of the quotes, then each artist was given free will to create something inspired by their assigned quote. Proceeds after production costs will be donated to Fix Nation to help save homeless cats.

How long have you been Vegan?
I’ve officially been vegan for a year. I’ve been bouncing between being a vegetarian and vegan since I was 8 years old and I found out where hot dogs came from.
Cosondra_SjostromCosondra Sjostrom

Why did you decide to create your book?
Because I’m a creep. Well, actually, you know when you’re in love and you say something to your object of desire that you intend to sound sweet? You want to say something different that expresses how you feel and doesn’t sound like the same thing that everyone else says. Then it ends up sounding like the creepiest thing you could have ever said. Thus, Creepy Romance.

How long did the book take to make from conception to release?
I’ve been working on Creepy Romance for two years writing all of the quotes. This book has been with me for a long time in development. I want them to be simple, quirky, loving, and creepy - charming creepy love quotes.
Jeremy_PolgarJeremy Polgar, Animation Director

What do you hope to achieve with the release?
We are releasing the book right before Valentines Day 2014 and are raising funds to create the book with pre-sales right now on Indiegogo. We hope to share our creativity and art with the world. Creepy things can be beautiful and romantic.
Rick_WestonRick Weston, Artist

What has the response been like so far?
The response has been extremely good. I’ve been bombarded with artists who want to be a part of the book, and everyone has been really receptive to the idea of Creepy Romance. A lot of people can relate to it - well pretty much anyone who has ever been in love!
Gus_StormsGus Storms, comic book artist

What are your future plans?
My plans are to start creating a book every year with new artists and new quotes. This is just the start of Creepy Romance and the first ever edition of a long ongoing creative venture. It’s the first of it’s kind.

Buy the Book . Help Fund this Project

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